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This is my mom - her name is Iris Georlette, she works at Ynet (a well respected israeli newspaper web-portal), Globes and Ha'aretz (well known Israeli newspapers) writing articles about Japanese culture and various subjects, as well as co-moderating Ynet's food forum.

She is a great cook and her favorite food is "traditional Jewish-polish", so to speak. She also knows how to play the piano which can be very good especially when I can't sleep and I need a good soothing lullaby that'll do the trick...


This is my dad - his name is Olivier Georlette, he was born in Belgium and he made aliyah when he was about 14.

He's a mechanical engineer and he works at Verint (a Comverse subsidiary) in the product support division.

He likes making funny faces and he always brings me cool presents from foreign countries.

He's a hopeless gadgeteer (just like my aunt Gali!) and he likes to have all the newest "toys".


This is my safta - Rina Nir. She teaches French and Spanish.

She's what you'd call "language savvy" - she speaks Hebrew, (some) Yiddish, English, French, Spanish and (some) Italian!

She likes listening to all kinds of french music, including George Brassens, Celine Dion (only her french material DUH!), Edith Piaf and so forth.

She loves to cook and she makes the world's greatest Schnitzel and chicken soup.

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