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Hi Naomi!

I am making you a sample page, just like you asked me to.
I think I will take this opportunity to tell you about the bathroom thingy I mentioned the other day. As you can probably recall, the bathrooms in the caravan area are far from being clean and cool. Well, what I'm about to tell you is a sad, but a true story, about the Teva caravan bathrooms...

CAUTION: If anyone other than Naomi is reading this, remember, if you ever have to go to Teva for any reason, DO NOT - I REPEAT - DO NOT USE THE CARAVAN BATHROOM FOR NO. 2's!!! ;-)

Now, the caravan bathrooms being way too hot and humid (not to mention stuffy), one of the Teva employees (maybe you remember her, it's no other than the illustrious Mira Copel!) confronted Haim Ziv, the antipathetic housekeeping dept. manager about the abovementioned topic, and got the following response:

If you can't stay more than one minute in the bathroom because it's too hot and steamy, just go to the offices and do your thing there... in a nutshell, if you have to stay there longer than a minute, this bathroom is not for you!
First the milk, and now this! What's next, if we can't use their stinking blue paper we'd have to go to the wood, chop the pine trees and make our own paper?

Well, that's it for now, Naomi... luckily, you don't have to worry about the Teva-ittis anymore :)

The Teva-infected Gali...